Online Calculation Tools

This site provides online calculation tools for the Bronchiectasis Severity Index, and the Bronchiectasis Aetiology and Comorbidity Index.  Please select the appropriate scoring system from the tabs above.


5 thoughts on “Online Calculation Tools

  1. Yonghua Gao

    Very important work to move the bronchiectasis study and mangement, however, it needs to be validated in different ethnics and regions! Congratulations to Dr. Chalmers JD and his colleagues!

  2. Dilip kumar saha

    I am suffering from post tuberculous broncheactasis for few years which was diagnosed by HRCT scan in right upper lobe lung following an episode of hemoptysis recurrenrt in a year for two year.i need to know the option of my best treatment.

    1. DundeeChest Post author

      I’m afraid that we cannot give advice over this forum – my advice is to seek local a local medical opinion at which time you can be examined, have appropriate tests, and a clear treatment plan drawn up.

  3. John Kiely

    A valuable and welcome research resource. Congratulations and thanks for putting this online.

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